Giant Warthog (Zoo Tycoon 2)

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Female (Top) and Male (Bottom), as depicted in-game.

The underestimated Giant Warthog is an extinct animal in Zoo Tycoon 2, debuting in the expansion Extinct Animals. It can be unlocked in Campaign and Challenge Mode with a 3 1/2 Star Zoo Rating, and costs $35,000 to adopt.

In-Game Description

While it is called a Giant Warthog, it's actual species name is Metrideochoerus andrewsi, which is a fairly bizarre species to introduce into the game due to the fact the most popular species are often chosen to be used in the media, but this particular species has somehow ended up in the game instead of a more popular counterpart such as an Enteledon. Either way, the Giant Warthog's appearance is certainly average at best due to being a fairly rare species to see in the media, mainly because, as it's name suggests, it's simply a giant sized Warthog with two pairs of tusks rather than just one. In addition to this, it is depicted with a large amount of back hair, where the Warthog from African Adventure barely has any at all by comparison. Aside from comparisons to a modern day Warthog, it's shown to have gender differences, in which the Female is smaller and has a lighter colored hide, while the Male has a darker colored hide and is larger.


The Giant Warthog is unlocked in Campaign and Challenge Mode with a 3 1/2 Star Zoo Rating, and costs $35,000 to adopt. It lives in the Savannah Biome. Like all Extinct animals, as well as Endangered or Critically Endangered animals, breeding it will result in a free Balloon gift to your Zoo, which can either be used for decoration, or can be sold for a decent sum of money. It is an omnivore, and can feed from troughs, though younger individuals will not be able to feed from troughs. It's omnivorous diet includes mainly insects in addition to plant matter.