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Box Art of Zoo Tycoon 2.

Zoo Tycoon 2 is a Business Simulation game released for the PC in November 2004, and was published by Microsoft Studios, and developed by Blue Fang Games. Their is no true goal in the game, other than to achieve a 5 Star Zoo Rating in Freeform Mode, completing the Campaign Missions, or completing Challenges in Challenge Mode. Other than those three specifics, no primary goal or ending exists, so limitless possibilities can be achieved with the creativity involved in making Zoos, both successfully, and also beautifully as well. Eventually, Zoo Tycoon 2 was built upon by four Expansion Packs. It is a sequel to Zoo Tycoon (2001).

Gameplay Features

  • Features 30 animals in the base game alone.
  • 20 different Campaign Missions.
  • Staff/Guest mode, which allows you to tour around your zoo in a staff's view of the environment and interact with animals.
  • Fully 3D environments and animals compared to the previous game's use of sprites.
  • Revamped animal and guest satisfaction needs.
  • Biome Brush, which allows you to create a suitable exhibit for an animal with the stroke of a mouse.
  • Xbox 360 Controller for Windows compatibility.
  • Three different gameplay modes; Freeform, Challenge, and Campaign.
  • Unlike the previous game, animals can be released into the wild to earn rewards.
  • Also unlike the previous game, rewards no longer give you cash grants for them.
  • Removed features include average animal and guest happiness rating and Zoo Rating, the latter has been changed to Star Rating, which rates your Zoo from 1/2 to 5 Stars.
  • Terrain types required for animals have been condensed into Biomes, which are a single terrain type that the animal requires in it's exhibit.
  • Animal Adoption System for Campaign and Challenge Mode, which limits the kinds of animals you can adopt based on Star Rating and the amount you can adopt. Animals you don't want to purchase can be exchanged for others individually or in bulk.
  • Fences are no longer required to make an exhibit, as cliffs can now be used as fencing if they are steep enough.
  • Waterfalls can be created by merging water from two different elevations.

Animal List

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