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This Wiki is about the official content in both Zoo Tycoon (2001), Zoo Tycoon 2, and the upcoming Zoo Tycoon (2013), as well as Zoo Tycoon DS and Zoo Tycoon 2 DS. This Wiki will cover the gameplay involved in both games. However, due to technical difficulties as of the debut of this Wiki, not all the information will be covered right away. Currently, the Wiki is closed to public editing until enough content has been added to this Wiki. However, once enough content has been added to cover a majority of the games, then this Wiki will be officially opened to the public. However, mess with the judgment of MightyFan217, and you will most likely be extinct in the light of the results.

Featured Article

Currently, we do not have a featured article, due to the fact no articles exist yet as of 11/16/2013. However, once a suitable article has been made, then Featured Articles will occur once per month or so.

Did you know...

  • ...That in Zoo Tycoon (2001), animals with perfect suitability could still produce trampled terrain without warning?
  • ...That in Zoo Tycoon 2, there is an unlockable Quagga after releasing one of each species of extinct animal to the wild in the game?
  • ...That in Zoo Tycoon (2001), the Dodo was rumored to be present in the game, but was proven a fake?
  • ...That on the box-art of every game in the series (Including Zoo Tycoon (2013), there has been two white mice on the front part of the cover?
  • ...That the Emperor Penguin in Zoo Tycoon (2001) could kill any Herbivore in the game?
  • ...And that the above note lead to the creation of the Killer Penguin in Zoo Tycoon 2's expansion, Extinct Animals?


  • This wiki was started!
  • Zoo Tycoon (2013) is scheduled for release on November 22nd, 2013 for Xbox 360 and Xbox One.