Tyrannosaurus rex (Zoo Tycoon 2)

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Female (Top) and Male (Bottom), as depicted in the Extinct Animals Expansion.

The fierce Tyrannosaurus rex is an extinct animal in Zoo Tycoon 2, debuting in the expansion Dino Danger, and then getting revamped with a new model and skin for Extinct Animals. It can be unlocked in Challenge and Campaign Mode by achieving a 5 Star Zoo Rating. At $80,000, it ties with the Giant Ground Sloth for being the most expensive animal to purchase out of all the animals in Zoo Tycoon 2, and as such, is also the most expensive animal in both Dino Danger and Extinct Animals. In Dino Danger, the Tyrannosaurus rex appeared in a more simplified model, with a more dull texture, but like it's Extinct Animals remake, had gender differences in the Female (Larger with a brown and purple coloration) and the Male (Smaller with a green and yellow coloration). However, with Extinct Animals, the old models for the Tyrannosaurus rex, Carnotaurus, and Styracosaurus were overwritten.

In-Game Description

Tyrannosaurus rex, correctly shortened as T. rex, is a large, carnivorous Theropod Dinosaur, which lived around the end of the Late Cretaceous. As depicted in-game, the T. rex is not as large as it's real life counterpart, to the point Utahraptor, another Dinosaur in the game, is somewhat taller than it. In-game, it is depicted with the Female individuals being larger than the Male individuals, and with both genders having a different coloration to match; Females are a dark, green-like shade, while Males are somewhat brown with more noticeable stripe details. In-game, Tyrannosaurus can also kill every animal in the game except the Killer Penguin, but unlike the original incarnation, this Tyrannosaurus depiction is much smaller than both the real animal and it's counterpart from the preceding game. However, it should be noted that Tyrannosaurus is not the only Dinosaur to have received this treatment. However, it's decreased size can possibly be due to the need to reduce lag on weaker computers, as a Zoo Simulation game such as Zoo Tycoon 2 can require a lot of processing power even on lower graphic settings, so having a large Dinosaur on an engine that isn't designed to handle it could easily lead to lag issues.


In terms of gameplay, to adopt a Tyrannosaurus, it costs $80,000, which it ties with the Giant Ground Sloth for most expensive animal in-game. It is also unlocked at 5 Stars in Challenge and Campaign modes, and is the key to clearing two of the campaign missions (The Dinosaur Zoo and T. rex Trouble). Like all other Dinosaurs in the game, it is susceptible to rampaging. Since it is capable of eating guests when it does escape, any escaped Tyrannosaurus should be re-contained as soon as possible. Tyrannosaurus, due to being an extinct species, will result in you winning a set of balloons for breeding it, as with any animal that is Endangered, Critically Endangered, or Extinct. The Balloons do not differ depending on the conservation status. In the Extinct Research Center, Tyrannosaurus is also the hardest animal to assemble in the Fossil Lab, containing numerous pieces, and also the fact 5 Star Extinct Species overall require numerous button and mouse combos for cloning, meaning creating a Super Tyrannosaurus will be of extreme difficulty, but it is not impossible regardless. In terms of food, it requires Meat or Dinosaur Meat (Dino Danger Item) and Water, and it can eat Meat and drink Water from food troughs. It is Tropical Rainforest in terms of Biome.