Common Zebra (Zoo Tycoon 2)

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Common Zebra as depicted in Zoo Tycoon 2.

The commoner Common Zebra is a low risk animal in Zoo Tycoon 2, which can be unlocked by achieving a 1 1/2 Star Zoo Rating and costs $3,000 to adopt. It is one of the original 30 animals in Zoo Tycoon 2, and has been featured in every Zoo Tycoon game to date. As a low risk animal, it isn't really too interesting to take note of. However, with Extinct Animals came the Quagga, which can interbreed with the Common Zebra, making this animal a bit more interesting than it otherwise was.

In-Game Description

The Common Zebra, scientifically known as Burchelli boehmi, is a low risk Mammal in Zoo Tycoon 2. It has the appearance of a Horse, and is covered in stripes with an overall black and white coloration. As a fodder animal, it is common to place herds of them with other Savannah animals, most likely with Thomson's Gazelle. As a fairly medium sized animal, it falls prey to many predators in the game, and is an easy target for Dinosaurs to prey on. A note in regards to the scientific names used for both the Common Zebra and the Quagga is that the names are incorrect. For the Common Zebra, whose true common name is Plains Zebra, it's actually Equus quagga, and for the Quagga, it's Equus quagga quagga; a subspecies to be exact. This site simply uses the scientific names given in the actual game for the same reasons this site also ignores actual scientific accuracy much like the Zoo Tycoon games do.


To adopt a Common Zebra, you need at least a 1 1/2 Star Zoo Rating, and individuals cost $3,000 each. For Savannah exhibits, they can easily be placed alongside other herbivores for a good Safari Tour for guests to enjoy. As noted earlier, they can interbreed with the Quagga, which is a secret animal that can be unlocked with the Extinct Animals Expansion. Being fairly easy to keep overall, the Common Zebra can make an okay addition to a Challenge or Campaign Zoo if one simply needs to have an animal added to the Zoo.