Addax (Zoo Tycoon 2)

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Female (Top) and Male (Bottom), as depicted in Zoo Tycoon 2.

The largest animal indigenous to the Sahara Desert, the Addax is definitely not something to harass, even in Zoo Tycoon 2. Seriously, as that's one of several key traits that has lead to its status as critically endangered. As a downloadable animal that wasn't released until very late in Zoo Tycoon 2's lifetime, the Addax doesn't seem to show any significant features. However, that still does not mean to disrespect it at all, as its still capable of filling in slots for a Desert Biome Zoo with little difficulties.

In-Game Description

The Addax, Addax nasomaculatus, is a DLC animal added relatively late, and appears to be the animal that's unlocked for download from Zoo Tycoon 2 Mobile, which did mention a special, exclusive animal being available for download along with it. Since the copyright on the Addax's Zoopedia page states 2003, this may very likely be the case, as the downloadable version that's on the official website and with Ultimate Collection wasn't released until around the time of Extinct Animals. I cannot confirm this, but I will leave this here as a note until I can. As for the Addax itself, it is a rather large Antelope species native to the Desert, and has a large set of curved horns. Female individuals are less curved, and have more white coloration than the Males do on their bodies. Size difference between the two genders are minimal, though.


To adopt an Addax in the game, you must have achieved a 2 Star Zoo Rating in Campaign and Challenge Mode. In addition to this, they cost $5,500 and live in the Desert Biome. An Addax, notably, does not display any direct needs for Water under it's requirements tab, instead simply showing which Grass and Hay feeding devices it can eat from. It's Third Icon is NOT grayed out like it is with the marine animals, meaning it actually does drink water. The catch, though, is that it does not do so by drinking water directly, but rather, it gets its water resource by simply feeding off of it's own food, such as Grass and Hay as mentioned earlier. Keep in mind, though, that it's thirst will still go up if it doesn't eat, but if you keep the Addax well fed, than its thirst should be of no difficulties. The Addax is a DLC Animal, and is not directly in the base Zoo Tycoon 2. Once again, I mention the fact it is possible to have also obtained it from the Zoo Tycoon 2 Mobile game, but once again, take that theory as a grain of salt and simply download it directly from the official site, or if it already downloads automatically in-game instead.